Week 2 – Fundamentals of Editing

Assignment #2 – Mini Portfolio

Taking the initial edit we produced in class, review the selections and produce your own version of the “Final 10” to produce your mini-portfolio. Use these 10 images to produce a portfolio of 10 5×7 prints. You can go smaller if you wish, but I believe 5×7 is a good size for the purposes of this book. You can showcase the image in any form you choose, but take into consideration that this is a showcase for some of your best work, not merely a class assignment. Think about how you can make an impression with this book. I am expecting a finished piece, not a draft or mock-up.

Take a listen to Nadine Brown’s interview below as this may be a great help in your design of your book.


Hamburger Eyes

The Wells Point – Editing and Critiquing Photo In India (You need to register for this free site to access the archive.

Lost Luggage

The Candid Frame interview w/ Nadine Brown

Photographers to Explore:

Chase Jarvis


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