Week 6 – Editorial & Getting Paid

Assignment #6

Part I: Query Submission

  • Revise the query letter you wrote for this week’s assignment
  • Create a quality reproduction of your promo
  • Mail to publication you’ve chosen to pitch
  • Submit a copy of the post office receipt

Part II: Cost of Doing Business

  • Compile a list detailing your costs for housing, transportation, food, entertainment, insurance, etc for 1 year
  • Compile a list of cost for your first year of business (equipment, biz cards, software, promotion, rentals, etc)
  • Use the ASMP Cost  Doing Business Calculator with an assumption of 50 or 100 billable days
  • Submit a PDF of the Screenshot of the calculation to class

Part III: Blog

  • 3 new entries on your blog
  • 1 entry should be on a recent photographic challenge and how you resolved it.


A Photo Editor (Estimates)

ASMP Licensing Guide

Editorial Photographers Website

Software Suggestions



Two Perspectives on Working for Free

Harlan Ellison – Pay the Writer

The Vendor Client Relationship


Week 5 – Editorial Research & Submissions

Assignment #5

Part I: Query Letter

  • Write a one-page query letter pitching one of the three story ideas you presented in class.
  • The letter should include a hook, a brief description & and reasons why should be considered for the assignment
  • Include a promo card that can reinforce your capability as a photographer for this assignment
  • Deadline: E-mail the query letter to me as a .Word document by Sunday February 21st.

Part II: The Assignment

  • Shoot one of the story ideas that you have proposed.
  • Bring in a contact sheet of your 12 selects which you would submit to the editor
  • Bring in a disc or USB drive of low-res JPEGS from the entire shoot
  • Important: Submit an estimate for the job including fees and licensing usage for one-time rights.

Reading Assignment for next week:

Wonderful Machine Editorial Contract Negotiation

Query Examples

Juan Hernandez to New Yorker

Scott Bourne Book Query on Lighthouses


Wired Magazine – The Process for Charlie Kaufman Profile

Dan Baum’s WordWork blog (for writers but helpful to photographers as well).

The Fader Magazine Submission Request

The Sun Magazine Photo Submission Guidelines

Burn Magazine Submission Guidelines

Week 4 – Social Networking & Editorial Research

Assignment #4

Part I: Social Networking & Blogs

  • Register for social networking services (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Create Google Alerts on topic of interest (including yourself)
  • 3 new entries on new work you are producing
  • add links to other photographers and/or subject of related interest

Part II: Editorial Research

  • Research 2 editorial magazines in which you have in interest in publishing work in
  • Bring in 3 copies of past issue for each of those titles
  • provide written history/background on photo editor, managing editor or art director
  • Obtain media kit and obtain information on circulation, ad rates and editorial calendar
  • list 5 photographers the publication has used and include their websites
  • Be prepared to do a presentation of your research in class emphasizing particular layout or stories that speak to why you believe you would be a good fit for this publication. Be ready to answer questions on circulation, ad rates, and demographics).
  • Have 3 story ideas that you would consider pitching and creating for one of these publications. Have a clear idea of why you believe the story idea would be a good fit for the publication, especially considering what they have published in the past.

Social Media Sites






Social Networking Resources

Mashable Twitter Guidebook

Mashable Facebook Guidebook

Editorial Research Resources

Foliomag – People on the Move

Media-Bistro Revolving Door


Wall Street Journal

Photo District News

LA Observed

Today’s Class Presentation


Week 3 – Editing w/ Lightroom, Blogs & Analytics

Assignment #3 – Blog Creation and Google Analytics

Create a new blog using either Blogger or WordPress dedicated to your work as a photographer. Blogger is the simplest of the two, but you may desire the flexibility for design and the use of templates that WordPress provides. Choose a theme, color palette and font that you believe is reflective of your style and approach to photography. Next, register for a Google Analytics account and register your new blog. Install the analytics data track code on your blog. In the next week, I want you to a make three entries in your blog on the following topics:

  • Why I’m passionate about photography. (Deadline Feb 5th)
  • The story behind a photograph (Deadline Feb 7th)
  • Behind the scene of one of your recent shoots using 2-5 illustrations. (Deadline Feb 9th)
  • Announce your blog to friends, family & associates via e-mail, facebook, twitter, etc.

There will be a reduction of a full letter grade for the assignment for each deadline that you fail to meet.

With each entry include at least one photograph. If you have a website, you may wish to link your images back to your website. Also have a separate link to your website on one of the sidebars.

Send me your blog URL by the deadline for the 1st Entry, Friday Feb 5th.

Software Resources

Lightroom 3 Beta Download Site

Blog Resources:



Google Analytics

How to install Google Analytics on a Blogger Account

How to install Google Analytics on a WordPress account

Photographer Blogs of Note:

A Photo Editor

Joe McNally

The Strobist

Dan Milnor

Chase Jarvis

Zack Arias

Galvin Gough

Steve McCurry