Week 3 – Editing w/ Lightroom, Blogs & Analytics

Assignment #3 – Blog Creation and Google Analytics

Create a new blog using either Blogger or WordPress dedicated to your work as a photographer. Blogger is the simplest of the two, but you may desire the flexibility for design and the use of templates that WordPress provides. Choose a theme, color palette and font that you believe is reflective of your style and approach to photography. Next, register for a Google Analytics account and register your new blog. Install the analytics data track code on your blog. In the next week, I want you to a make three entries in your blog on the following topics:

  • Why I’m passionate about photography. (Deadline Feb 5th)
  • The story behind a photograph (Deadline Feb 7th)
  • Behind the scene of one of your recent shoots using 2-5 illustrations. (Deadline Feb 9th)
  • Announce your blog to friends, family & associates via e-mail, facebook, twitter, etc.

There will be a reduction of a full letter grade for the assignment for each deadline that you fail to meet.

With each entry include at least one photograph. If you have a website, you may wish to link your images back to your website. Also have a separate link to your website on one of the sidebars.

Send me your blog URL by the deadline for the 1st Entry, Friday Feb 5th.

Software Resources

Lightroom 3 Beta Download Site

Blog Resources:



Google Analytics

How to install Google Analytics on a Blogger Account

How to install Google Analytics on a WordPress account

Photographer Blogs of Note:

A Photo Editor

Joe McNally

The Strobist

Dan Milnor

Chase Jarvis

Zack Arias

Galvin Gough

Steve McCurry



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