Week 4 – Social Networking & Editorial Research

Assignment #4

Part I: Social Networking & Blogs

  • Register for social networking services (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  • Create Google Alerts on topic of interest (including yourself)
  • 3 new entries on new work you are producing
  • add links to other photographers and/or subject of related interest

Part II: Editorial Research

  • Research 2 editorial magazines in which you have in interest in publishing work in
  • Bring in 3 copies of past issue for each of those titles
  • provide written history/background on photo editor, managing editor or art director
  • Obtain media kit and obtain information on circulation, ad rates and editorial calendar
  • list 5 photographers the publication has used and include their websites
  • Be prepared to do a presentation of your research in class emphasizing particular layout or stories that speak to why you believe you would be a good fit for this publication. Be ready to answer questions on circulation, ad rates, and demographics).
  • Have 3 story ideas that you would consider pitching and creating for one of these publications. Have a clear idea of why you believe the story idea would be a good fit for the publication, especially considering what they have published in the past.

Social Media Sites






Social Networking Resources

Mashable Twitter Guidebook

Mashable Facebook Guidebook

Editorial Research Resources

Foliomag – People on the Move

Media-Bistro Revolving Door


Wall Street Journal

Photo District News

LA Observed

Today’s Class Presentation



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