Week 5 – Editorial Research & Submissions

Assignment #5

Part I: Query Letter

  • Write a one-page query letter pitching one of the three story ideas you presented in class.
  • The letter should include a hook, a brief description & and reasons why should be considered for the assignment
  • Include a promo card that can reinforce your capability as a photographer for this assignment
  • Deadline: E-mail the query letter to me as a .Word document by Sunday February 21st.

Part II: The Assignment

  • Shoot one of the story ideas that you have proposed.
  • Bring in a contact sheet of your 12 selects which you would submit to the editor
  • Bring in a disc or USB drive of low-res JPEGS from the entire shoot
  • Important: Submit an estimate for the job including fees and licensing usage for one-time rights.

Reading Assignment for next week:

Wonderful Machine Editorial Contract Negotiation

Query Examples

Juan Hernandez to New Yorker

Scott Bourne Book Query on Lighthouses


Wired Magazine – The Process for Charlie Kaufman Profile

Dan Baum’s WordWork blog (for writers but helpful to photographers as well).

The Fader Magazine Submission Request

The Sun Magazine Photo Submission Guidelines

Burn Magazine Submission Guidelines

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