Week 6 – Editorial & Getting Paid

Assignment #6

Part I: Query Submission

  • Revise the query letter you wrote for this week’s assignment
  • Create a quality reproduction of your promo
  • Mail to publication you’ve chosen to pitch
  • Submit a copy of the post office receipt

Part II: Cost of Doing Business

  • Compile a list detailing your costs for housing, transportation, food, entertainment, insurance, etc for 1 year
  • Compile a list of cost for your first year of business (equipment, biz cards, software, promotion, rentals, etc)
  • Use the ASMP Cost  Doing Business Calculator with an assumption of 50 or 100 billable days
  • Submit a PDF of the Screenshot of the calculation to class

Part III: Blog

  • 3 new entries on your blog
  • 1 entry should be on a recent photographic challenge and how you resolved it.


A Photo Editor (Estimates)

ASMP Licensing Guide

Editorial Photographers Website

Software Suggestions



Two Perspectives on Working for Free

Harlan Ellison – Pay the Writer

The Vendor Client Relationship


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