Week 8 – Finances & Intro to Multimedia

Assignment #8

Part I – Budgeting

  • Review and adjust your monthly expenditures which you begin in class considering (rent, insurance, loans, food, etc)
  • Calculate your monthly and yearly minimum income requirement plus an additional amount for launching your business.
  • List your top 3 revenue streams and detail a realistic estimate of what you expect to bring in which each.
  • Create a detailed list of benchmarks and deadlines for each of these three revenue streams, beginning with next week.

Part II: Multimedia

  • Interview your subject using a digital audio recorder, video camera or computer (using an external mic).
  • Create a shot list based on those parts of your interview that you hope to illustrate visually either with stills or video.
  • Submit an outline for the for the multimedia piece detailing the the video and audio content of the piece.

Multimedia Examples

Chase Jarvis

Jules Bianchi

Annie Leibovitz

Mark Seliger

Clif Brewer


Recording Good Audio Tips

Final Cut Express Tutorial – Apple

Final Cut Express Tutorial – Izzy Video

iMovie ’09 Tutorial – Apple


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