Week #3 – Fear and the Artist


Part 1. Potential Client List

Put together a list of 5 potential clients that you want to pursue this term. These can be paid jobs or work that you will do pro bono. These five have to be work that you can actually pursue and complete this term and not something you might pursue after you graduate. Along with identifying the business or organization provide a brief synopsis of the photographic service you would like to provide. Try to create a project that builds on your strengths and provides you something you would really be excited to photograph and produce.

Part 2. Promo Card

Design and produce a promo card, which showcases 1-3 images and contains your contact information  (website, phone, e-mail). The card should be considered as a “leave behind”, a card that you would leave with a client after meeting with them for the first time or a card that you would give someone who was interested in finding out more about your photography. The picture, font, color scheme, etc should reflect some, but not all aspects of the mini portfolio you produced in class. The card can contain images that exist in the book other something new, but which reflects the style, content and feel of what you put together this week.  Print it on as good quality of paper as you can. Again, remember that presentation is as important as content. If you want to consider a sleeve or envelope for the card, I heartily encourage you to take it to that next level.


Fear and the Artist – PDF notes of today’s lecture.

Art & Fear: Observations On the Perils and Rewards of Artmaking – David Bayles & Ted Orland.


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