Week #4 – Time Management and Self Promotion

Assignment #4

Part 1. Time Management

Document your activities and tasks from Thursday, June 10 thru Tuesday, June 15. Make a detailed listing of all your activities including class time, research, shooting, writing, reading, meals, internet browsing, socializing, etc. Pay particular attention to those times when you feel you are spending time doing non-productive activities. Keeping a small notebook with you will help you keep an accurate record of what you are doing, though you can use software like iCal to help keep track. For class, bring a printed breakdown of your schedules for those days. Tally and note how much time you determine was spent on work that is helping your photographic career as well as what time is “wasted” on non-productive activities.

Part 2. Project Proposal

I want you to pick one of the 5 clients that you listed this week to whom you want to pitch a job proposal. Make sure to pick a client from whom you have a sincere belief that you can product a job for before the end of this term. For this written assignment please addresss the following points.

  • The idea of the project and how it will serve the client and provide you to apply your unique approach to photography.
  • A detailed estimate of the cost of of this project including pre-production, production and post production.
  • An assessment of the total amount of time that will be required to complete the project for the client.


The Myth of Multitasking – NY Times Article worth reading.

Interview with Nadine Brown – The Candid Frame

Blog Posting about Self Promotion – Nadine Brown

Brand Envy –  Nadine Brown company website.

What happens with promo cards – A Photo Editor


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