Week 10 – Multimedia

Assigmnent #10

Produce 2nd multimedia project due in two weeks on Wednesday, August 4th. You have complete autonomy in terms of subject matter and approach. The only requirement for the assignment is that the piece be reflective of your approach, style and sensibility as a still photographer. I want to be able to look at this piece and make the link between it and the work you produce as a still photographer. Besides that the requirements are:

  1. Duration of between 30 seconds to 3 minutes
  2. Submitted on DVD or CD
  3. Include credits at end of final piece as well as the Disc itself


Here are some links for some innovative work using still/motion which you might find inspirational.

Ryann Enn Hughes (used sequentially shot still to create motion)

Guest Speaker: Bruce Smith

Bruce Smith’s website.

Video of Bruce on Shoot –

Bruce video on tips for shooting fashion.


Week 9 – Editorial Research and Video Editing

Assignment 9

Part 1:

Research one editorial magazine in which you have a passionate interest in contributing for. Research the publication and obtain information including the name photo editor, art director and creative editor, circulation, address, phone number and e-mails as available. Find out whatever background information you can about the editors and include information on their previous work history as available. Obtain the magazine’s media kit for advertising and be ready to provide information on demographics, circulation and ad rates for the publication. Note 3 photographers that have been used by the publication at least three times in a 12 month period and provide website for each of these photographers.

Part 2:

Submit your completed multimedia piece on CD for for presentation during class. It should consist of a 2-3 minute piece with video, stills, sound and music as needed. Please include include your contact information on the disc as well as in the credit and titles for the finished piece. Output the files as a full resolution Quicktime file, which you can burn to DVD.


Final Cut Express Tutorial from Apple.

iMovie ’09 Tutorial from Apple.

Alas Media Wiki (tips and tricks for producing video and multimedia pieces).

Alas Media Flickschool (video tutorials from Alas Media)

Week #8 – Multimedia Production w/ 5D Mark II

Assignment #8 – Promotional Multimedia

Part 1:

Conduct an interview with the photographer who will be the subject of your production. You can record using the 5D Mark II (preferably using an external stereo mic) or using an external audio recorder. This can serve as the key audio track for your piece. Also shoot both A-roll and B-roll materials for use in the edited piece. Remember to compile a diverse selection of images for your B-roll to help when editing the piece in iMovieHD or Final Cut.


Planet 5D  (the best online resource for all things regarding recording video with the 5D Mark II)

Vincent Laforet’s Reverie (the video that started the buzz).

Chase Jarvis & Friends and the D90

Bui Brothers Streamy Award Video Portraits


Ibarionex’s Tutorial using iMovie HD

Week #7 – Blogging & Google Analytics

Assignment #7 – Refining your Brand and Story for Marketing

Part 1. 10 Questions

Respond to the 10 Questions which I provided you in class. Provide a thorough response to each question, with the intent of clarifying your identty not only as a photographer, but as a photographic business.

Part 2. Multi-media project prep.

Choose which of your fellow photographer in class you will produce a multi-media promotional piece and a brief synopsis of what aspect of their work or creative life you wish to emphasize in the 2-3 minute piece. Detail what kind of video, still and audio you may desire for the piece.

Blog Resources:



Google Analytics

How to install Google Analytics on a Blogger Account

How to install Google Analytics on a WordPress account

Photographer Blogs of Note:

A Photo Editor

Joe McNally

The Strobist

Dan Milnor

Chase Jarvis

Zack Arias

Galvin Gough

Steve McCurry