Week #7 – Blogging & Google Analytics

Assignment #7 – Refining your Brand and Story for Marketing

Part 1. 10 Questions

Respond to the 10 Questions which I provided you in class. Provide a thorough response to each question, with the intent of clarifying your identty not only as a photographer, but as a photographic business.

Part 2. Multi-media project prep.

Choose which of your fellow photographer in class you will produce a multi-media promotional piece and a brief synopsis of what aspect of their work or creative life you wish to emphasize in the 2-3 minute piece. Detail what kind of video, still and audio you may desire for the piece.

Blog Resources:



Google Analytics

How to install Google Analytics on a Blogger Account

How to install Google Analytics on a WordPress account

Photographer Blogs of Note:

A Photo Editor

Joe McNally

The Strobist

Dan Milnor

Chase Jarvis

Zack Arias

Galvin Gough

Steve McCurry



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