Week 10 – Multimedia

Assigmnent #10

Produce 2nd multimedia project due in two weeks on Wednesday, August 4th. You have complete autonomy in terms of subject matter and approach. The only requirement for the assignment is that the piece be reflective of your approach, style and sensibility as a still photographer. I want to be able to look at this piece and make the link between it and the work you produce as a still photographer. Besides that the requirements are:

  1. Duration of between 30 seconds to 3 minutes
  2. Submitted on DVD or CD
  3. Include credits at end of final piece as well as the Disc itself


Here are some links for some innovative work using still/motion which you might find inspirational.

Ryann Enn Hughes (used sequentially shot still to create motion)

Guest Speaker: Bruce Smith

Bruce Smith’s website.

Video of Bruce on Shoot –

Bruce video on tips for shooting fashion.


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