Week 2 – Mini Portfolio and Self Assessment

Assignment #2

1. Mini Portfolio

Taking the initial edit we produced in class, review the selections and produce your own version of the “Final 10” to produce your mini-portfolio. Use these 10 images to produce a portfolio of 10 small prints. You can determine the size.  You can showcase the image in any form you choose, but take into consideration that this is a showcase for some of your best work, not merely a class assignment. Think about how you can make an impression with this book. I am expecting a finished piece, not a draft or mock-up. Make this the best presentation that you can possibly make it, because that is the way that they will be assessed.

2. Self Assessment

Using the 10 Strengths/Weaknesses points you used in today’s class session, make a self-evaluation of your own strengths and weaknesses. Explain how you would specifically take advantage of your strengths and what remedies you intend to take to remedy your weaknesses. The more detailed your are with your assessment the better. Include the same information in the right hand corner of this type written assessment as you did with last week’s assignment.

Take a listen to Nadine Brown’s interview below as this may be a great help in your design of your book.


Hamburger Eyes

The Wells Point – Editing and Critiquing Photo In India (You need to register for this free site to access the archive.)

Lost Luggage

The Candid Frame interview w/ Nadine Brown

Photographers to Explore:

Chase Jarvis


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