Week #10 – Social Networking

Assignment #10

Part I:

For those schedule to participate in speed-dating, bring all the material you intend to use to present yourself in your meeting with the editors, art directors and art buyers. Include:

  • The selection of images you are considering or have already put together in a portfolio
  • A leave-behind promotional card

Write down the three things that you hope to come away with from these meetings and which of the guests are of particular interest to you and way and submit this for credit in the course.

If you are not paricipating in the speed-dating, please bring a design for a leave-promotion card that you would use as a leave behind.

Part II.

You second multimedia piece on DVD or CD. Please include your first piece and the new video on two CD or DVD. One I will be submitting to the photo department.

Part III.

Post at least an additional entry regarding your new multimedia piece on the class blog and use twitter, Facebook, e-mails and word of mouth to increase traffic to the blog. We’ll see what changes we can discover from your promotional efforts over the past two weeks. Include links to your own existing website or blogs on the new blog so that you can measure traffic to your own respective sites. You should each have a minimum of two entries on the site by the next class session.


Here are some resources that should help with respect to the things that Ophelia shared with you in terms of social networking as a marketing tool.


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