Week #13 – Estimates

Assignment #13 – Estimate (Final)

E-mail me a cover letter and estimate for the following client. The was a job that I submitted an estimate for and successfully did the work for.

When he contacted me, he explained that the the job consisted of a job for a local contractor. He needed a portrait of himself, which he was going to use for his website and promotional materials including a printed brochure with an initial print run of 2500. He also wanted a selection of images of him and his crew working a 3 of his current job sites. He is initial request was for a final selection of over two dozen images from which he could choose from for his website and brochure design. He initially asked for the equivalent of a complete buy-out of the images.

He had a budget of $2000-2700.

Your estimate should detail not only your cost of producing these images, but exactly what you would deliver. (Note that my final estimate did not end up providing him everything that that he was initially asking for. Your goal for this assignment is to determine what you would choose to deliver for this client within those budget constraints.

Consider the following:

  • Preproduction
  • Actual shooting time (His initial request could have involved 3 separate shoot days).
  • # of images you would actually deliver for the price
  • creative/photographers fee
  • stipulations of usage right for the images (Because this is a small business client, you don’t necessarily have to include usage as a line item, but rather as part of your photographer/creative fee).

The challenge of this assignment is trying to determine what you could promise to deliver to the client to fulfill most of his needs, while still proving profitable to you.

E-mail me a PDF of the cover letter and the estimate by next Wednesday.


  • Blinkbid (I will send you an e-mail with a discount code).
  • FotoQuote (You can receive a discounted student rate by e-mail the company copy of your current student id).
  • Shakado

Week #12 – Blog and Traffic

Assignment #13

Continue to post your entries on the blog site and try to increase traffic using twitter, facebook or any other social media resources available to you.


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