Week #2 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Assignment #2

Part 1. Bring in 24 4×6 prints of what you believe represents your best work. These images should be revolve around the type of work you want to focus on as your brand and hopefully should tie in some way with your unique style or sensibility as a photographer. You can likely produce these prints through Wallmart or Costco printing services.

Part 2. Post 5 entries into your blog. It can focus on a discussion of your current best images. It could also be on the topic of the beginning of your personal project or a current shoot. Each entry much be made on an individual day. I don’t want to see 5 posting on single day, especially Wednesday night. Post at least one link to the blogpage for this class. Promote your entries using Twitter and Facebook.

Part 3. Create a PDF of your Google Analytics on reports page for your blog and website and e-mail the PDF before class to the workingphotographer gmail account. .





Each of these photographers uses personal project and an active blog to help promote their work and their online presence.


Aaron Huey on his American Ocean Project where he walked across the country with his dog.


His project on the Lakota Indians.


Week #1 – Welcome to Working Photographer II – Spring 2011

Welcome to the Working Photographer Course for Spring 2011. I look forward to working with you in the coming weeks. I’ve provided you a copy of the syllabus, but feel to download the a PDF version from my public iDisk folder.

Assignment 1:

Part 1. Create a blog specifically for this class and add the Google Analytics java script. If you currently have a website, add the java script to your existing site. You’ll find information on how to do this below.

Part 2. Interview 2 photographers, one person who you feel is successful and another one who you see as struggling. Interview them and write 1000 words on your assessment of why each of them is doing or not so well in growing their careers. On the first page in the upper right hand corner right your name, the course name and the deadline date for the assignment. Submit the work double spaced, with Times Roman font, 12 point. Staple or clip the pages at the upper left hand corner. Include the photographers business card and promo card with the assignment if possible.

Part 3. Come in with 3 ideas for the personal project you with to produce this term. Be prepared to present your ideas to the class for discussion.

Questions to consider for your conversation?

How long of you been in business as a photographer? Part time? Full time?

What kind of work do you specialize in? Editorial? Advertising? Commercial?

What are the biggest strengths of your business? What do you think you could be doing better?

What do you know know that you wish you knew when you started as a photographer?


Here are some resources that should help with respect to social networking as a marketing tool.

Google Analytics How Tos

Other Blogs Worth Check out Regularly

Wired Magazine