Week #2 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Assignment #2

Part 1. Bring in 24 4×6 prints of what you believe represents your best work. These images should be revolve around the type of work you want to focus on as your brand and hopefully should tie in some way with your unique style or sensibility as a photographer. You can likely produce these prints through Wallmart or Costco printing services.

Part 2. Post 5 entries into your blog. It can focus on a discussion of your current best images. It could also be on the topic of the beginning of your personal project or a current shoot. Each entry much be made on an individual day. I don’t want to see 5 posting on single day, especially Wednesday night. Post at least one link to the blogpage for this class. Promote your entries using Twitter and Facebook.

Part 3. Create a PDF of your Google Analytics on reports page for your blog and website and e-mail the PDF before class to the workingphotographer gmail account. .





Each of these photographers uses personal project and an active blog to help promote their work and their online presence.


Aaron Huey on his American Ocean Project where he walked across the country with his dog.


His project on the Lakota Indians.


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