Week #4 – Personal Project – Initial Images

Assignment #4

Part 1. For the first multi-media assignment, you will team up with another photographer in the class who you will profile for the piece using stills, video and audio. Interview your subject and focus on the essential point of their “story” which will serve as the focus of your piece on them and how you might convey those ideas or qualities in your piece. Write and submit the material a one page synopsis.

Part 2. Make two entries on your blog this week on any topic related to your photography, personal project or multimedia project. Include the hashtag #photography at the end of each entry. Use your Twitter and Facebook accounts to promote other WPII students in this course whose entires you find interesting. You have to post on of your blog entries on the WPII Facebook page in order to receive full credit for the assignment each week.


Photographers to Check Out:

Portfolio Tips and Insights.


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