Week #13 & 14

Final Assignment:

1. 2nd Multimedia & Stills – please submit a CD which contains two folders. One folder with contain your final multimedia piece and the second folder will contain the still that you created for the project. (Please make two discs containing this content and bring to class). Label each disc with. 1. Your full name. 2. The name of the class 3. The title of the project

2. Bring a print out of your Google Analytics data for the duration of the term for your blog and website.


Week 11 – Real World Estimate and Negotiations

Assignment #11

Bring in rough edits or footage of your multimedia project or new stills from your long-term project. Be prepare to share on the status of your project in class.


Tony Dizinno Website

12 Rules for Negotiation from ASMP

Suzanne Sease – Project Consultant (a paid resource for when you have to submit and estimate for a large gig).

1ProPhoto Resource (a database for finding crew and production staff for photography and multimedia productions)