Personal Projects Pitch

For the next class session, please prepared to pitch your personal project for the term. As discussed during the first day of class, this project should possess the following qualities:

  1.  Be inspired by something that you are passionate about besides photography.
  2. Allows you to produce a significant body of work within the time that we have
  3. Has a clear idea, premise or focus. It can’t just be a project that allows you to practice some particularly technique.
  4. Choose a project that you would love to be hired for to produce.
  5. Make it a challenge for yourself, not merely an opportunity produce half-hearted, half-ass work.
  6. Provide some example of work (your own or some else’s which provides a source of inspiration
  7. Lastly, but most importantly, bring in an idea that can really excite us as potential viewers.

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