Week #3 – Fear and the Creative Life

Assignment #3

Part 1. – Bring 24 4×6 inch prints to class next week. These images can be existing work from the personal project you’ve pitched for the class or it can be a selection of current work. You can go to Costco or Walmart to produce these prints easily and inexpensively. Do not bring multiple prints on a single piece of paper or larger sized prints. I am asking for 4×6 prints for a specific purpose and the process will be hampered if you choose to do it in any other way.

Part 2. Come up with three words that you feel capture the most important idea of the body of work that you are submitting. They need to be individual words (e.g. isolation, angst, erotic). The more specific the words, the better. They should be words the exemplify the most important ideas that you are striving to express in the project or body of work.

Part 3. Write an entry on your blog sharing why the project is important to you and why it’s something you feel that you have to do. Post a link to your blog entry on the class’s Facebook page. The blog entry must be placed on the Facebook class page in order to receive a full credit fort the assignment. 


Photographers Mentioned in Class

Articles on the Role of Personal Projects

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