Week #5 – Multimedia Primer

Assignment #5

  • Part 1. Do a pre-interview with your subject to find a focus for your multimedia piece on the photographer you are profile. Take notes to define the multimedia piece, which focuses on each photographer defining “Photography is _________” for themselves, thru the filter of their own work and passion for photography.
  • Part 2. Conduct a film interview using a HDSLR (5D Mark II, 7D, etc), making sure to record the best audio quality using a wired lavalier, boom mic or an external digital recorder. Light the interview in an interesting way that utilizes your abilities as a still photographer. Though this footage is not much more than a “talking head”, I want to see you demonstrate to make an interesting visual using your lighting sills.
  • Part 3. Bring in a 1 minute cut from the interview, which will showcase the audio and the lighting of the interview.
  • Part 4. Add a post on your blog about a photographer who is an inspiration for you. Make sure to post an update to the Facebook blog.

5D Mark II Filmmaking Resources

Photographer Multimedia Examples

  • Radcliffe Roy (pay particular attention to the shots where the subject is not talking but instead reacting. Those are great for option in the editing process. )
  • Nadia Sliwka
  • Maleonn (though this is a high-end professional production, pay particularly attention to the way he is lit and composed with the two set-up with him.

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