Week #7 – Multimedia Production

Assignment #7

* For those of you who did not submit your assignments this past Monday, you still have an opportunity to receive a partial credit on it if you provide me the one minute segment of the interview by Monday. Create a Dropbox folder and send me a link so that I can download it by Monday.

Part 1. Bring in your edited multimedia piece on your photographs subject. The length of the video can be up to 2 minutes in length and should consist of portion of the interview, still imagery and video. The theme of “Photography is…..” should be addressed in the piece. (See previous entry for more information or contact me if you have any questions). Bring the completed video as a Quicktime File at a resolution of 1280 x 720 in a file format of NTSC – DV H.264. Bring it on an external hard drive or USB memory stick. Do not bring a CD. Make sure to include a title and the a credit in the completed piece.

Part 2. Bring an initial edit 20 images of your personal project. Submit it PDF Proofsheet using  Dropbox before class as a PDF file. Include other images which did not make the edit in a separate file.

Part 3. Update your blog during the coming weeks and include at least one posting on the creation of the multimedia piece for class.


Lynda.com Final Cut Studio Tutorial

Final Cut Express Tutorial from Apple. (not the full version, but the key features still apply).

iMovie ’09 Tutorial from Apple.

iMovie 11 Tutorial

Alas Media Wiki (tips and tricks for producing video and multimedia pieces).

Alas Media Flickschool (video tutorials from Alas Media)


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