Week #10 – Multimedia Presentations/Editorial

Assignment #10

Part I. Research a potential editorial client based on the techniques and resources I’ve discussed in class. Utilize the magazines masthead, website, advertising media kit and web searches to determine the following information:

  • Publisher
  • Point of Contact (photo editor, art director, etc)
  • Circulation
  • Address, phone and e-mail (where available)
  • Demographics (sex, income, etc)
  • Editorial Calendar
Using this information compile a short of summary of the publication, especially identifying why this publication would be particularly suited for your work. Identify why you believe they would be receptive to your work and what need you help fill for them.
Part II. Design a promo piece on your personal project that you would submit to this publication as a first contact. Think of a design that you believe would draw their attention and showcase your work in best way possible.
Submit this assignment via e-mail or using the a Dropbox by the next class session.
Software Recommendations
Examples of Exceptional Multimedia

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