Week #7 – Estimates

Assignment #7

1. Photo Assignment – Produce a commercial-style photo shoot with the theme of “Roadtrip”. The images must be produced using a compact or disposable film camera with a single 36-exposure roll film. Choose three words that encapsulate the theme of the shoot (e.g. friendship, sunny, adventure, love, freedom, etc) and base your shoot around those keywords. Be as specific about these three words as possible to help refine your vision. Print 4×6 images of all your images and bring in an edit of the best 24 shots to class. Do not bring larger prints or proof sheets. They must be 4×6  prints. This assignments counts as 1/2 of your midterm.

2. Submit a written estimate based on the details of a job that I will be e-mailing you on Tuesday, October 25th. This estimate should reflect the ideas and suggestion that I discussed in class, especially with respect to the description of the job details in the description window. Bring in a hard copy of the estimate. Download the trial version of FotoQuote to complete the assignment with regards to determining a licensing fee.

3. Write a blog entry about the Roadtrip shoot.


Software Resources

Week #6 – Incorporating Video


Part 1. Produce a professional estimate based on the content of the e-mail that I will sending you. Be as thorough and detailed. Bring a printed copy to class, but also e-mail me a PDF of the estimate BEFORE class.

Part 2. Write on entry on your blog on any topic regarding your photography, projects, inspirations, etc.

5D Mark II Filmmaking Resources

Photographer Multimedia Examples

  • Radcliffe Roy (pay particular attention to the shots where the subject is not talking but instead reacting. Those are great for option in the editing process. )
  • Nadia Sliwka
  • Maleonn (though this is a high-end professional production, pay particularly attention to the way he is lit and composed with the two set-up with him.

Week #4 – Video Editing Primer

Assignment #4 (due in 2 weeks).

Part 1. Bring in your 1-minute multimedia piece consisting of still and an audio interview saved on the hard drive of your laptop computer for presentation. Also bring it in a USB memory stick or external HD so that I can make a copy on my own computer for grading purposes. Bring in your VGA adapter so that we connect it to the projecting system. Output your piece as a Quicktime file at a resolution of 1280×720.

Part 2. Bring in two additional 8×10 prints of your personal project and submit it in a manila envelope.


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