Week #7 – Estimates

Assignment #7

1. Photo Assignment – Produce a commercial-style photo shoot with the theme of “Roadtrip”. The images must be produced using a compact or disposable film camera with a single 36-exposure roll film. Choose three words that encapsulate the theme of the shoot (e.g. friendship, sunny, adventure, love, freedom, etc) and base your shoot around those keywords. Be as specific about these three words as possible to help refine your vision. Print 4×6 images of all your images and bring in an edit of the best 24 shots to class. Do not bring larger prints or proof sheets. They must be 4×6  prints. This assignments counts as 1/2 of your midterm.

2. Submit a written estimate based on the details of a job that I will be e-mailing you on Tuesday, October 25th. This estimate should reflect the ideas and suggestion that I discussed in class, especially with respect to the description of the job details in the description window. Bring in a hard copy of the estimate. Download the trial version of FotoQuote to complete the assignment with regards to determining a licensing fee.

3. Write a blog entry about the Roadtrip shoot.


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