Week #13 – Final Week

Assignment # 5 & 6

Part I. Be prepared submit the final two assignments for the course. Bring the final multimedia piece and still image on a USB flash drive to install on the class computer. Include your updated, project bible, which would contain any necessary changes to your invoice and estimate based on the conversation in the last class. If you underbid the job, you will need to revise this material to reflect a more realistic version for the multimedia, stills and licensing. 

Part II. Bring in 2 CDs which contains images or videos in which you served as the DRM. One copy is for the instructor and the other for the Art Center Photo department. Please mark the CDs with your name and class name, not just the sleeve.

Part III. Write a final blog entry on your experience creating the multimedia segment of the final assignment? What was the most challenging and the most satisfying part of this assignment? What role do you think multimedia will play in your professional career if it all?


Week #12 – Multimedia Presentation

Assignment #5 and #6

Part I. DRMs make a short presentation of your progress on the assignment. Still or raw footage can be presented.

Part II. Listen to audio for reading assignment (see below) and write three multiple answer questions. Please include the correct answer.

Part III. Write a blog entry on your role in these last two assignments and describe how the previous assignments have impacted the way you are working as a team and working on these particular assignments.



Reading/Audio Resource