Week #2 – Assignment 1 Presentation & Personal Projects

Assignment #2

Part I: Editorial Assignment

  • Amend docs based on comments in class today (estimate, schedule, equipment list, etc)
  • Shoot and edit images and submit 20 selects on USB disk w/delivery memo.
  • Submit Project bible and include final invoice, delivery memo and project assessment. (DRM)

Assignment #2

Part II: 

  • Write a blog entry on a personal project of another photographer that would have loved to have done yourself. Explain the details of their project and why it resonated with you. Describe what your own dream personal project would be and why you would be th ideal person to do it. What’s standing in your way of doing it?.
  • Write 3 multiple answer questions based on the article listed below. Include four possible answers and please indicate which is the correct answer.



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