Week #11 – Final Multimedia Project

Assignment Final – Athletic Apparel Commercial Assignment

Part I.

  • Come up with a idea, subject and setting for a pieced based on the L. Armstrong Quote “Pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it will subside and something else will take its place. If I quit, however, it lasts forever.”
  • Find a subject and scout for the still and multimedia shoot.
  • In the estimates and invoices, the shoot should be written up as it were being shot in San Fransisco. So, consider costs of travel, hotel, rentals, food, etc in the financials).
  • Come in with a storyboard for the multimedia and shots of locations. (This is mandatory).
  • Compile and complete production docs (schedule, crew roster, estimate, shot list, equipment inventory)
  • Prepare for production presentation (DRM and PC) – Remember that there are two DRMs for these final two assignments.One is for the multimedia shoot and the other for the still shoot. In your production book, please indicate which DRM is responsible for which part of the assignment.
Part II.
  • Write a blog entry on what has been the most challenging aspects of taking this class and how you resolved or worked through those issues.

Reading/Listening  Assignment:

  • Read and submit to the 50 Question Take Home Quiz

Photographic Resources:


Week #10 – AARP Cover Presentation


Part I: Design a promo piece based on the edits of your work that you have produced over the last two weeks. Create a look and design that you think best showcases your work and that you think would allow you to stand out. Be prepared to explain the selection of images and the design. If you are doing single card, you should bring in a series of 4 which you would distribute over the course of a year.

Part II: Complete a list of the Top 10 people you would like to work with, who you would target for a 2-year promotional campaign. Include their full names, title, publication or company, mailing address and if possible e-mail address. Be prepared to provide a detailed background on 2 of these people for class including their professional history at their current and prior positions.

Part III: Blog Entry

Write a blog entry on one of the people who you are interested in working with. Explain who they are, who they work for and why you think they and their publication/agency would be a good fit for your work. Provide a link to a body of work that they are responsible for that you believe strengthens your assertion.

Part IV: Reading Assignment:

Write 3 multiple answer question on the Mike Zane interview and submit 3 multiple answer questions based on it. Bring in a printed copy of the questions with the correct answer.


Week 9 – Promotional Efforts

Assignment #3

Part I. Psychology Today Cover Assignment

  • Complete shoot and edit and deliver final image.
  • Complete production book with invoice, delivery memo, signed model release, etc
  • Prepare for production presentation (DRM and PC)

Part II

  • On your blog, write about 2 photographer who you discovered on the web, who you feel have effectively promoted themselves and their work. Explain with specific details what it is you think that they have been doing correctly that you would likely model your efforts after.
Part III:


Week 8 – Psychology Today Editorial

Assignment #3

Part I. Psychology Today Cover Assignment

  • Come up with a concept cover for an issue of Psychology Today based on the topic of “creativity”.
  • Find subject and location for shoot
  • Compile and complete production docs (schedule, crew roster, estimate, shot list, equipment inventory and mock-up of photograph)
  • Prepare for production presentation (DRM and PC)

Part II

  • Using the editing techniques that I discussed today create an edit for this or another body of work and create a mini portfolio that can exist as printed image or a gallery selection on your website.
  • On your blog, write about the process of creating an edit of these image as compared to what you have traditionally done in the past. How is this selection of images different?

Part III:

  • Reading Assignment: View at least 3 of these videos entitled Facing the Future.
  • Write 3 multiple answer questions with the correct answer to the next class session.


Recent articles on creativity published in Psychology Today which you can use as a launching pad for your concept cover.