Week #10 – AARP Cover Presentation


Part I: Design a promo piece based on the edits of your work that you have produced over the last two weeks. Create a look and design that you think best showcases your work and that you think would allow you to stand out. Be prepared to explain the selection of images and the design. If you are doing single card, you should bring in a series of 4 which you would distribute over the course of a year.

Part II: Complete a list of the Top 10 people you would like to work with, who you would target for a 2-year promotional campaign. Include their full names, title, publication or company, mailing address and if possible e-mail address. Be prepared to provide a detailed background on 2 of these people for class including their professional history at their current and prior positions.

Part III: Blog Entry

Write a blog entry on one of the people who you are interested in working with. Explain who they are, who they work for and why you think they and their publication/agency would be a good fit for your work. Provide a link to a body of work that they are responsible for that you believe strengthens your assertion.

Part IV: Reading Assignment:

Write 3 multiple answer question on the Mike Zane interview and submit 3 multiple answer questions based on it. Bring in a printed copy of the questions with the correct answer.



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