Week #14 – Final Multimedia


  • Submit final multimedia. Please bring two copies. One should be on a disc for my records and the other copy should be on a portable HD so that we can easily transfer it to the computer for viewing.
  • Submit 2 CDS with all the photographic and multimedia work that you created in the role of DRM. One will be for me and the other for the department.
  • Submit the final production book, reflecting the changes and notes made in the last class session.

Week #12 – Final Project Production Book


Work on delivering a production bible with all the details of the on-location production. It should include the much of the material which is normally expected. This time include the final invoice and the delivery memo. This should be a thorough production book which reflects on the considerations for an on-location shoot: hotel, rental, tolls, location fees, et all.  Nothing should be left to chance. As mentioned before, the production fee for this is $75,000. This contact person for the job is Bruce Klein and the company is All Sport Inc.

Please bring three copies to class. One for yourself, one for the team and one for myself. Everyone on the team should be able to defend or explain anything in the production book. So be prepared.