Week #3 – Psychology Today & Process of Editing

Assignment #3

Part I. Psychology Today Cover Assignment

  • Come up with a concept cover for an issue of Psychology Today based on the topic of “dreams”.
  • Find subject and location for shoot
  • Compile and complete production docs (schedule, crew roster, estimate, shot list, equipment inventory and mock-up of photograph)
  • Prepare for production presentation (DRM and PC)

Part II

  • Using the editing techniques that I discussed today create an edit for this or another body of work and create a mini portfolio that can exist as printed image or a gallery selection on your website.
  • On your blog, write about the process of creating an edit of these image as compared to what you have traditionally done in the past. How is this selection of images different?

Part III:

  • Reading Assignment: View at least 3 of these videos entitled Facing the Future.
  • Write 3 multiple answer questions with the correct answer to the next class session.


Websites Mentioned in Class:

Recent articles on creativity published in Psychology Today which you can use as a launching pad for your concept cover.


Week 2 – Presentation and Portfolio Eval.

Assignment #2

Part I: Editorial Assignment

  • Amend docs based on comments in class today (estimate, schedule, equipment list, etc)
  • Shoot and edit images and submit 20 selects on USB disk w/delivery memo.
  • Submit Project bible and include final invoice, delivery memo and project assessment. (DRM)

Part II: 

  • Write a blog entry on a personal project of another photographer that would have loved to have done yourself. Explain the details of their project and why it resonated with you. Describe what your own dream personal project would be and why you would be th ideal person to do it. What’s standing in your way of doing it?.
  • Write 3 multiple answer questions based on the article listed below. Include four possible answers and please indicate which is the correct answer.

Part III:

  • Print 24 4×6 prints of your body of work which captures the three word you chose to represent your work in the previous class. This can be work that you have included in your current portfolio, but can also include personal work or other bodies of work. The image should represent the type of work you want to do professionally. (Do not print any larger prints)


Week 1 – Intros & First Assignment

Welcome to the the Fall 2012 Session of the Working Photographer II  course. I am looking forward to collaborating with you in the coming weeks to develop your careers as professional photographers.  Please utilize this website as a reference and as a resource for all the things that we discuss and work on in class.

Assignment #1

Part I. Editorial Food Assignment

  • Find subject and location for shoot
  • Compile and complete production docs (schedule, crew roster, estimate, shot list, equipment inventory)
  • Prepare for production presentation (DRM and PC) Bring a total of three complete copies to class.
  • Include sample shot or materials

Part II

  • Create WordPress blog w/ entry on your role in first editorial assignment and share what you hope to learn from this assignment as well as the course in the coming weeks.  (remember to link to WPII Facebook page)
  • Write 3 multiple answer questions based on reading material (see below). These questions must be based on the reading assignment and offer 4 potential answers. You must include a notation for the “correct” answer in order to receive full credit for this assignment. The questions must be thoughtful and reveal your understanding of the reading material. If it does not meet this criteria, you will not receive a credit for the submission.
  • Bring in your current portfolio

Reading Assignment:

ASMP Business Form Tutorial

Photographer Resources:

Magazine References: