Week #7

Part I.Food Coop/Multimedia Assignment

  • Have conducted your shoot by the next class session (stills + audio)
  • Prepare to provide an update on the status of the project.

Part II: – Blog Entry

  • Right about how working on this assignment has made you think about the possibility of working with multimedia. Provide an example of multimedia work that you have found online that you found inspirational and why. Describe an ideal project in which you would like to incorporate multimedia.

Part III – Mid-Term

  • Bring in quality prints of your  personal project to class. Please do not bring in copy machine prints or contact sheets. I want as close to professional level prints as possible. Be prepared to share on the idea of your project and to share its status and how it evolving.



Week #6

Part I. Food Cooperative Commercial Assignment  

  • Find subject and location for interview & shoot
  • Compile and complete production docs (schedule, crew roster, estimate, shot list, equipment inventory)
  • Create a estimate that is based on a good balance between the needs of the client and focus on delivering a quality product for a fair price. Take the initiative to refine what you are willing to deliver for the price you submit in the estimate.
  • Conduct an audio interview with one of  your team mates and submit edited audio files and e-mail me a 30 second clip. Upload the edited clip to the Dropbox folder with the name of the DRM for the assignment.

Part II. Blog Entry 

  • From the recent assignments in this course, I want you to write about what considerations you would now make when hiring someone to assist you on a paid shoot.
  • What are the 3 strengths you would be looking for and what are the three weaknesses.
  • Try and site some examples of what you have learned in the last two assignments which informs these weaknesses and strengths.

Reading/Listening  Assignment:

Photographer Resources:

Audio Recording and Editing Resources

Week #5

Assignment #2

Part I. 

  • Complete shoot and edit and deliver final image. Deliver images to the dropbox and please include the DRMs name on the folder.
  • Complete production book with invoice, delivery memo, signed propertyl release, etc
  • Written project assessment from the DRM and PC

Part II

  • On your blog, write about 2 photographer who you discovered on the web, who you feel have effectively promoted themselves and their work. Explain with specific details what it is you think that they have been doing correctly that you would likely model your efforts after.


Week #4

I was very pleased to see the results from the first assignment, especially to the team effort required to pull it off. Here are the details for next week.

Part 1. Editorial Assignment #2

  • Begin coordinating for the editorial shoot on black dogs including procuring a subject, a shoot date and other logistics.
  • Compile a production book including all the usual items excluding of course delivery memo, invoice, assessments and property releases.
  • Bring in an image of the “talent” for the shoot to share in your presentations.

Part II: Blog Entry

  • Write a blog entry on a magazine and publication that you would be interested shooting for editorially. Include in the entry why the magazine interests you with a link the magazine’s website.
  • Include information on how the current editor of the publication is, 3 photographer whose work has recently been published in the title.
  • Include a link to a specific photo spread or article on their website that you found especially interesting and explain why.
  • Please post a link to this blog entry on the Working Photographer II Facebook page for full credit.