Week 3 – Street Fashion Portrait Presentation & Next Assignment

As we move on with the next assignment and roles are rotated, it’s important to apply what you have learned from Assignment #1. Your own evaluations as well as the discussion had in class should begin to inform the choices you make individually and as a team. It’s especially important that errors, mistakes and miscommunication which may have impacted your first job are remedied and improved.

Team Assignment #2 – Photo Illustration for Cover and Interior Spread

These images are being produced for a magazine article on the topic of Major Depressive Disorder, which  is the leading cause of disability in the U.S. for ages 15-44 according to a report by the World Health Organization. It impacts about 6.7% of the US population 18 years and older in a given year. It is a disorder that is more common with women than men.

We are looking for  photo illustrations, which means an image that is born from a concept that conveys the topic in a unique and interesting way. The conceptual photographs are not just straight photographs of someone sitting in a corner with their hands on their head. You want to avoid images that are cliche. Instead, you want to create photographs that expresses the impact of MDD, but in a way that could draw the viewer into picking up the magazine or reading the article.  We are looking for an image that revolves around a single person (male or female). You will be submitting several variations of the shot for a cover (verticals) and interiors (horizontals) which could be displayed as a full bleed.  Please look at the links below to see images that demonstrate what to avoid, but also what we are looking for.

iStock images using the keyword depressionclick here

These images are standard stock images on the topic of depression. These are the kind of images that we’re really not interested in. If this what we wanted, we should simply order the photographs from a stock service. We are instead looking for a unique photo illustration which may involve creative lighting, styling or compositing.

Christian Hopkins Self-Portraits –  click here.

This self-portraits are produced by a young man suffering from a severe depressive order. The photographs are inventive and beautiful photographs that express his personal struggle with depression. These are a step-up from the images that typically found in stock and speak to the kind of imagery we are looking for.

Other Examples

The images below are illustrations on the topic of depression and are examples of how far you can take this assignment. Though the image needs to be based on a photographs, your concept, production choices and post-processing offer you a great degree of latitude and creative choices.

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 4.14.22 AMScreen Shot 2013-09-23 at 4.13.11 AM

For the first part of this assignment, I desire that each team pitch me 2-3 concepts one of which I will approve one.  The DRM should will need to call me on Thursday, September 26th between the hours of 10 am – 12 pm. They will need to e-mail me any notes, sketches or examples which will help me see your vision for this shoot. If the DRM is unavailable to do this,, the PC will be the point of contact. The ideas should be based on some research on the topic and this information should be used as part of the pitch. 

The financials for the production book should reflect the cost of a studio rental if you are going to be using the studios on campus based on the hours of use. An affordable space in Downtown LA from which you could get a quote for use in your estimate is the Hatakayama Gallery.

The fee that would be offered for this assignment would include  $500 + expenses up to $500. 

Personal Assignment #3

Photograph your interaction with a person who plays an important role in your life. This person can be family member, friend or significant other. Create images that not are not just portraits, but that reveal your relationship and what this person means to you. Looking at the images you have already produced thus far, and think about how you can produce photographs that have unifying sensibility, style or approach.

Bring in 3 or 4 prints  to the following class session to include in your growing body of work.

Due Next Week:

  1. A presentation from the DRM, PC and Crew/Financial on the plans for the shoot based on the concept approved by the instructor on September 26th.
  2. Production book which should include everything explained in class with the exception of the model releases, invoice and delivery memo. The instructor copy should be bound (no loose pages). Bring at least 3 copies (1 for your team and 2 for the other team)
  3. Your next 3-4 4×6 prints for personal assignment #3.
  4. Submit your research on a publication which you believe would be a good fit for your style of photography. Provide me information on the publication, demographics, circulation, photo editor, etc as well as three photographers who they have published in past issues with links to their websites. I will e-mail you a list of questions you will be able to use as a guide for this assignment. Bring a printed copy of this to class making sure to include you name on the upper right hand corner.

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