Week 4 – Photo Illustration Assignment Presentation

By now you should have received and read your evaluation for the first assignment. Use this information to make improvements on your production book for the next assignment. There was some glaring omissions and mistakes in the first books, which can and should be avoided for the next one. I also suggest that you take the time to practice your presentations as a group before the next class session. This will help greatly in your team being able to clearly communicate your approach to this and all subsequent assignments.

Team Assignment #2 – Photo Illustration on Depression

Conduct your shoot for the assignment this week, edit your images and revise and complete your production book. This final submission of the production book should include copies of model releases, permits, delivery memo, copies of receipts, etc. Please refer to the previous post as well as your notes for all the requirements for the assignment. You must also include your assessment of the assignment. This should consist of 7 things that that were effective practices that you want to make sure to continue with the next assignment. The other 7 things should be things you identified as weak or problematic with a note on how they would be fixed in the future. 

Remember that all images must be sent to the instructor via Dropbox by Sunday, October 6th at 10pm. If images are submitted after this deadline the assignment will be downgraded one full grade point.

You will only need to bring in a single copy of the production book for the instructor.

Personal Assignment #2

Photograph an event in your life as if it were a photo story or photo essay. Choose an event in which something interesting is happening, but which holds some strong feelings or emotion. Choose a variety of compositions, perspectives, focal length to capture a series of images that bests captures not only what you are seeing, but also provides insight into the people involved.

Bring in 6 prints from that day to the following class session to include in your growing body of work.

Due Next Week:

  1. Images for the shoot. They should include multiple images which would serve both the cover of the magazine (vertical) and the inside spread (horizontal).
  2. A complete and bound production book which includes all materials discussed in the previous class sessions. The production book must be signed by the DRM.
  3. Put together a list of best and worst practices (7 in each category).  Compile this list of 14 and submit as part of the production book.
  4. Your 6 4×6-inch prints of your personal project


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