Week 8 – Capital Security Commercial Assignment

For your first commercial assignment, you will be putting together a competitive bid for a job which involves producing a portrait of three subjects wearing the company uniform. The images would be used for a van wrap as well as for other marketing purposes. Please refer to the Google doc for specific details.

For the next class session, your team should put together a production book with a detailed estimate which includes all aspects of pre-production, production and post production. Pay particularly attention to verbiage the workat not only clarifies what is being delivered to the client, but which will cover any circumstances that could delay the job or create more work that is not covered under the original terms of the contrast.

Be prepared for each team member in their respect role to explain how as a group you are best qualified to produce the images for the assignment. You can assume that Seth and I will play the role of the client who is deciding who will get the job.


Due Next Week

  • Draft of production book including detailed estimate, production schedule, pictures and stats on models, equipment list etc.
  • Prepared presentation

Week 7 – Multimedia Tutorial w. Rosa from Alas Media

This is the week to complete the editing of your multimedia piece, which should run between 1.5 – 2 minutes. You should include selects from your still images as well as the audio interview you conducted with your subject. Using the tips provided by Rosa in class, you should complete the edit and upload the completed piece by 9pm on Sunday, October 27th. The file should be uploaded to the class Vimeo channel. I will send you the account and password in a separate e-mail.

You should also be prepared to present your PDF of your personal work that you have produced and edited over the last 7 weeks. Be prepared to do a presentation on the work. Please include the three key words that you used to produce the edit. Please send me a copy of your PDF via a Dropbox folder by Sunday, October 27th.


Due Next Week

  • Submit your 1.5 -2 minute multimedia piece to the class Vimeo account. (I will send you the access name and password in a separate e-mail).
  • Bring a backup copy of the multimedia piece on an external USB hard drive in case we have issues with the internet connection in class.
  • Your updated and completed production book. (Remember to sign off and on it and include your self-assessment)
  • Send me your edited PDF of your personal work that we’ve been working on during the first half of the term.

Week #6 – Multimedia Progress

I hope that everything is going well with your multimedia piece. By the next class session, you should have already produced the still and the audio, providing you enough time to edit the piece before the deadline.

For the next class session, you should bring you Mac laptop loaded with the latest version of iMovie. Rosa from Alas Media will be in class to walk you through the editing process for a piece we shot this week.

I’ll provide a online folder from which you can download the files you will be working with on Monday. I will send you a separate e-mail once that is available.

Hopefully, the editing exercise I demonstrated to you in class will help provide you some insight into how to edit, sequence and produce more images for your mid-term.

Below are some exercises that might be helpful to produce additional photographs:

  • Daytime/Night Time (create a series of images the reflect how you life is different in the night time as opposed to daylight hours. Use the qualities of light to create image that help us gain an understanding of your life during these hours.
  • A Child’s Eye View – Shoot from the perspective of a child or a pet. Use this unusual perspective to create a new look to the people, things or events in your life.
  • Pictures from the Future – Take a series of photographs that capture what you would like your life to be in the future. Make images that would make it seem that you actually have or are experiencing the things you desire.
  • Something New – Photograph something that you have never photographed before, particularly something that you thought you would never shoot and try to apply your current abilities as a photographer.
  • The 15 foot Circle – Walk to a certain space and limit yourself to photograph only things within a 15 range from that point.

Due next Monday

  • Bring your laptops loaded with the latest version of iMovie
  • Download the files and install them on your computer. (Files to come in a separate e-mail).

Week 5 – Photo Illustration Presentation & Next Assignment

Part I. Multimedia Assignment  – Active Senior & Contending with Failure

  • Find subject and location for interview & shoot based on the focus a subject over the age of 65 who very active as an artist, athlete or providing a community service.
  • Besides the story arc of what serves as their passion, work on finding a story of how they experience and rebounded from failure
  • Conduct a pre-interview and create a rough outline of the 3 key points of interest that you wish to make the focus of your 2-minute multimedia piece.
  • Create an extensive shot list of storyboard based on your pre-interview and your search of the subject.
  • Compile and complete production docs (schedule, crew roster, estimate, shot list, equipment inventory)
  • Conduct an audio interview with one of  your team mates and submit edited audio files and e-mail me a 30 second clip. Upload the edited clip to the Dropbox folder with the name of the DRM for the assignment.
  • The license should include first time use for print and web

Part II. Personal Project

  • Photographs things that you are extremely passionate about (things you love and hate).
  • Create images that express how you feel about those things. Convey that in the photograph.
  • Submit 3-4 4×6 prints.
  • Also bring in any other images from the previous assignment that you have an affinity for (no more than 5).

What is due next week:

  • A draft of the production book
  • A presentation which will include discussion of the 3 story points
  • A detailed shot list and/or storyboard
  • A prepared presentation based on the structure practiced the previous week.
  • 4-6+ prints from the personal project assignment

Reading/Listening  Assignment:

Photographer Resources:

Audio Recording and Editing Resources