Week 5 – Photo Illustration Presentation & Next Assignment

Part I. Multimedia Assignment  – Active Senior & Contending with Failure

  • Find subject and location for interview & shoot based on the focus a subject over the age of 65 who very active as an artist, athlete or providing a community service.
  • Besides the story arc of what serves as their passion, work on finding a story of how they experience and rebounded from failure
  • Conduct a pre-interview and create a rough outline of the 3 key points of interest that you wish to make the focus of your 2-minute multimedia piece.
  • Create an extensive shot list of storyboard based on your pre-interview and your search of the subject.
  • Compile and complete production docs (schedule, crew roster, estimate, shot list, equipment inventory)
  • Conduct an audio interview with one of  your team mates and submit edited audio files and e-mail me a 30 second clip. Upload the edited clip to the Dropbox folder with the name of the DRM for the assignment.
  • The license should include first time use for print and web

Part II. Personal Project

  • Photographs things that you are extremely passionate about (things you love and hate).
  • Create images that express how you feel about those things. Convey that in the photograph.
  • Submit 3-4 4×6 prints.
  • Also bring in any other images from the previous assignment that you have an affinity for (no more than 5).

What is due next week:

  • A draft of the production book
  • A presentation which will include discussion of the 3 story points
  • A detailed shot list and/or storyboard
  • A prepared presentation based on the structure practiced the previous week.
  • 4-6+ prints from the personal project assignment

Reading/Listening  Assignment:

Photographer Resources:

Audio Recording and Editing Resources

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