Week 7 – Multimedia Tutorial w. Rosa from Alas Media

This is the week to complete the editing of your multimedia piece, which should run between 1.5 – 2 minutes. You should include selects from your still images as well as the audio interview you conducted with your subject. Using the tips provided by Rosa in class, you should complete the edit and upload the completed piece by 9pm on Sunday, October 27th. The file should be uploaded to the class Vimeo channel. I will send you the account and password in a separate e-mail.

You should also be prepared to present your PDF of your personal work that you have produced and edited over the last 7 weeks. Be prepared to do a presentation on the work. Please include the three key words that you used to produce the edit. Please send me a copy of your PDF via a Dropbox folder by Sunday, October 27th.


Due Next Week

  • Submit your 1.5 -2 minute multimedia piece to the class Vimeo account. (I will send you the access name and password in a separate e-mail).
  • Bring a backup copy of the multimedia piece on an external USB hard drive in case we have issues with the internet connection in class.
  • Your updated and completed production book. (Remember to sign off and on it and include your self-assessment)
  • Send me your edited PDF of your personal work that we’ve been working on during the first half of the term.

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