Week 8 – Capital Security Commercial Assignment

For your first commercial assignment, you will be putting together a competitive bid for a job which involves producing a portrait of three subjects wearing the company uniform. The images would be used for a van wrap as well as for other marketing purposes. Please refer to the Google doc for specific details.

For the next class session, your team should put together a production book with a detailed estimate which includes all aspects of pre-production, production and post production. Pay particularly attention to verbiage the workat not only clarifies what is being delivered to the client, but which will cover any circumstances that could delay the job or create more work that is not covered under the original terms of the contrast.

Be prepared for each team member in their respect role to explain how as a group you are best qualified to produce the images for the assignment. You can assume that Seth and I will play the role of the client who is deciding who will get the job.


Due Next Week

  • Draft of production book including detailed estimate, production schedule, pictures and stats on models, equipment list etc.
  • Prepared presentation

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