Week 11 – Final Multimedia Assignment

Assignment Final – By Hand

Part I.

  • Come up with a idea, subject and setting for a pieced based on a profiles on a craftsman, an artist, or an artisan, or someone  that uses their hands. You are open to other subject matter, but try to find a subject that provides you good material for visuals.
  • Find a subject and scout for the still and multimedia shoot.
  • This is produced as a personal project. So, while there is no estimate or invoice, you still need to produce a cost of production including the paying of assistants, materials, crew, models, etc.
  • Come in with a storyboard for the multimedia and shots of locations..
  • Compile and complete production docs (schedule, crew roster, cost estimate, shot list, equipment inventory)
  • Prepare for production presentation (DRM and PC) – Remember that there are two DRMs for the final assignment.One is for the multimedia shoot and the other for the still shoot. In your production book, please indicate which DRM is responsible for which part of the assignment.



Video Examples

Due Next Week

  • Presentation for final multimedia assignment with draft of production book

Week 10: Capital Security Assignment

I hope that the last week or so have been productive for you and your teams. I hope that you have put the additional week you had on the project to good use.

We are entering the final weeks of the course. After I’ve graded the assignment due tomorrow, I’ll explain the final project. After I have made assignment for the project due tomorrow, by Tuesday morning, I will have contacted the three people who will be the DRMs for the final assignment and by no later than Wednesday morning you will know your new team and have the opportunity to discuss the details of the final assignment.

You will continue to work on your personal final project which have been approved by me.

What is due on Monday:

  • A final of the production book
  • Upload the images to a dropbox folder and direct it to me before class
  • A presentation from each team member on the production of the shoot highlight each of their roles