Week 3 – Goals, Risk and Micro Actions

Assignment 2 – Actor Editorial Spread

You are being commissioned to photograph an actor for a cover and editorial spread. The actor is being profiled for an actor and the images will be used in the main spread that will run 5-7 pages. The editor is calling for at least two setups, preferably 3. This concept-driven shoot will be based on idea that is developed by the photographer in collaboration with the actor and should reflect not only some of the actor’s personality, work and personal style. An image that would be suitable for a cover would be culled from the shoot and the image should be composed to accommodate the banner and slugs.

Each team will be provided contact information with each actor to coordinate the details of the shoot and the concept. The photographer will need to negotiate the terms of usage of the images both for the photographer and the artist. The actor may desire some restrictions. These terms should be reflected in the model release. In consideration of the time that each actor is providing the team, the actor should receive a selection of images for use for their self promotion.

The production should make serious consideration of including a stylist, hair and make-up person. You may be asked to consider people that the actor have worked with in the past, but remember that this is your shoot and the ultimate decision is for you to decide.

If the team is unable to coordinate with the actor that they are initially connected with, the DRM should contact the DRM to arrange for another subject to be provided for them.

The budget for the shoot is $1000 plus $500 for production expenses. The license is first time usage right for print and web. JPEGs should be delivered via Dropbox by February 9th at 9pm.


Due Next Week:

  • Draft of production book
  • Mindmap of goals and micro-actions
  • 4×6 prints of images from personal project (include a 5×7 manila folder with name written on upper right hand corner).
  • 1 on 1 personal goals (see previous e-mail)
  • best practices worksheet

Week 1 – Introductions and 1st Assignments

Welcome to the Working Photographer II course. This webpage will be your main resource page for the class. It will contain all the details for your group and personal assignments. Make sure to read these carefully before beginning and submitting an assignment for the class.

This site will also contain other resources such as tutorials, reading materials which may be assigned to you in class to serve as a point of discussion.

Team Assignment #1 – Street Fashion Portraits

This assignment calls on you to produce 20 photographs of strangers who exhibit a sense of unique style and sensibility. The images will be shot at a location of the team’s choosing in the Los Angeles area which they believe will provide them access to a quantity and a diversity of people to fulfill the requirements of the shoot. (If you believe a permit is required for this assignment, you should apply for one thru the FilmLA office.

The photographs can be produced using any medium (HDSLR, Medium Format, film). However the image must be presented as digital files and delivered to the instructor using a Dropbox account.

The image must use a combination of ambient light and strobe/flash using whatever modifiers the photographic team deems appropriate.

The requirement to fulfill the assignment will be as follows:

  • 20 photographs of subject who are unknown to the photographic team at a location somewhere in Los Angeles county.
  • The budget for the assignment is $700. That is the flat rate that you are being paid for the production and the use of the images.
  • The usage and license for first time editorial use for both print and web.
  • Use name name and the school address for the contact information for the client.
  • The images should fall in line with the photographer’s unique style and vision and should not just mimic other photographer’s work or style.
  • The subjects should be chosen not only on personal style but a sensibility that exists within a certain community of people (e.g. K-Pop, skaters, punks, seniors, etc) Be prepared to explain this during the initial and final presentation.
  • Model releases must be obtained for each subject. The model releases should include some identifier to indicate which photo is associated with what model release.
  • Each images must be lit using a combination of ambient light and strobe/flash using whatever light modifiers deemed appropriate.
  • Images must be delivered to the instructor via a Dropbox account by Sunday, January 26th at 10 pm. If images are submitted after this deadline the assignment will be downgraded one full grade point.
  • A production book  will include all the items detailed during Day 1 of the course which include the cover sheet, call sheet, estimate, etc. (Model releases, permits that may be required for the complete assignment can be presented with the final production book with 2 weeks).
  • The licensing terms for the use of the images should be stipulated in the estimate and invoice. For this assignment, you will be providing my license for the use of the images for 1 year for web use.
  • The production book should be bound in a sleeve or folder. Submitting loose leaf pages which are not bound will result in a decrease of 1/2 grade on the 1st presentation and 1 full grade on the final presentation of the assignment. 
  • All team members must participate in all phases of the shoot, which includes being present on the day of production.

Personal Assignment 

Submit a written proposal on a personal project that you want to work on through the term. It needs to a  photo project in which you can produce images in a regular schedule of once a week. Provide me at least two pitches and explain the concept behind it, the work involved in producing those images, how you would be challenged by the assignment and what stands in your away to successfully achieve it and how do you intend to overcome those obstacles.

Reading Material


Personal Projects Examples

Due Next Week:

  1. 2 proposals for your personal project (explain the idea/concept, why you are passionate about it and how you intend to produce images for it on a weekly basis. Due January 20 via e-mail.
  2. Meet for your scheduled 1 to 1 appointment on Wednesday January 22nd.
  3. Send me a draft of the production book via PDF by January 20th. Send via e-mail or Dropbox folder.

Due in 2 Weeks:

  1. Be prepared as a team to present your images and give a presentation on your work on the project.
  2. Bring a complete and bound copy of your production book for the instructor. Bring 4 unbound copies for the other teams. The production book should include a delivery memo, final invoice, and a written assessment by the DRM on the overall performance of the team on the assignment.
  3. Upload the images for the assignment by January 26th, 10 pm.