Week 7 – Multimedia Assignment

We are past the mid-terms now. We’ll be moving from editorial assignments to commercial assignments through the rest of the term, which will allow us to expand on the work done for pre-production and the production books themselves.

I have e-mailed you the user name and password for the Vimeo account. So, you should have uploaded your finished multimedia piece by Sunday night. E-mail me the hero photograph mentioned in the original assignment on Sunday as well.

In preparation for Monday, you should be prepared to have your 4×6 prints to date. I will be walking you through the editing process and so images on your tablet or your computer will do you no good for the next class session.

Due by Monday

  • Uploaded multimedia piece to Vimeo
  • Hero shot as described in original assignment description
  • A complete collection of your 4×6 prints from your personal assignment to date.

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