Week 8 – Commercial Assignment

With the changes in teams and the move to commercial assignments, we are doing to build on what we’ve learned thus far. For the next two assignments, there will be a particular focus on concepts, financing, negotiation and more detailed explorations of the estimates and invoices.

For this next assignment, the client is looking for images for a special three page insert into a conference catalog for an a conference revolving around the agricultural industry primarily in California and other areas of the southwest. The client desires three images that will focus on the avocado. Rather than a traditional “stock photography” images of the fruit, they are looking on 3 “highly production” images which are more comparable to luxury items such as designer watches. They want an emphasis on the texture, color, shape and form from a designer’s perspective. They desire three images. The first would focus on the exterior of the avocado. The second image would be inside the avocado, including the meat and heart. Lastly, they would like a finished dish that showcases the avocado, while still maintaining the aesthetics of design. The print run for the insert would be 20,000 and would be produce solely for the convention. The client is asking for a buyout. However, as we discussed in class, you will need to determine whether this is something that you wish to offer based on your competitive estimate.

With regards to your estimate, produce an estimate based on what you actually feel you would need to produce the shoot in the real world. Though you will likely be working under different circumstances for the shoot for the class, I was your estimate to as thorough as possible, which might or would include pre-production days, food stylists, studio rentals, etc. The rest of the production book including the shoot schedule will reflect your actual shoot.

The minimum number of images due for the assignment will be the first two. However, if you can pull off the third image and do it at the quality level of the first two, I would welcome it.

Based on your research, you have been provided some info the suggests that the client is looking for a range of between $5000 – $10,000. Your estimate can fall anywhere in this range. Remember to produce an estimate that is not just about coming in cheaper, but accurately reflecting what you would need to do a great job for the client.

Be prepared as part of your presentation to show us some mock-ups for what you are going for. If you have done some tests, that would be ideal.

The deadline for this assignment is November 10th with images being delivered via Dropbox, YouSend It by 6pm.

Some of you are way behind on your personal projects. This easily places your grades for the midterms below a B- in the course. If this is a concern for you, then I strongly suggest that you step your game up with respect to the work for the balance of the term.

Due Next Week

  • Draft production book
  • Presentation
  • Personal Project



Week 7 – Halfway Point

Hopefully you are making good progress on your multimedia piece. If you have any issues or concerns please feel free to drop me a line. The multimedia project will be uploaded to Vimeo. Please upload the file as a 720 rather than 1080p. There is limited space on the Vimeo account and to ensure that all 4 videos are uploaded, it’s important that higher resolution videos are not uploaded. The deadline for the upload is Sunday 8pm.

Due on Monday:

  • Uploaded multimedia piece (720 dp only) to Vimeo account.
  • Bound and signed production book.
  • Presentation
  • Personal Project work

Week 6 – Video Editing

We are nearing the mid-term. We’ll be moving from editorial assignments to commercial assignments through the rest of the term, which will allow us to expand on the work done for pre-production and the production books themselves.

I will e-mail you the user name and password for the Vimeo account. So, you should have uploaded your finished multimedia piece which will be due a week from this coming Sunday.

Continue to work on your personal project and be prepared to update your status on it this coming Monday.

To improve the quality of the audio, you might consider using the Levelator and Audacity Program below. I have included tutorials to use these applications to improve your audio with little fuss.

Video Resources

Audio Resources

Week 5 – Video Production

Part I. Multimedia Assignment  – Active Senior & Working with their Hands

  • Find subject and location for interview & shoot based on the focus a subject over the age of 65 who uses their hands in a creative or athletic way.
  • Besides the story arc of what serves as their passion, work on finding a story of how they experience their art, craft or sport.
  • Conduct a pre-interview and create a rough outline of the 3 key points of interest that you wish to make the focus of your 2-minute multimedia piece.
  • Create an extensive shot list of storyboard based on your pre-interview and your research of the subject.
  • Compile and complete production docs (schedule, crew roster, estimate, shot list, equipment inventory)
  • Conduct an audio interview with one of  your team mates and submit edited audio files and e-mail me a 30 second clip. Upload the edited clip to the Dropbox folder with the name of the DRM for the assignment.
  • The license should include first time use for web
  • The budget you have to work with on this assignment is just $600
  • The deadline for this is October 27th at 6pm.

Part II. Personal Project

  • Continue to to submit 2 or more images to me via e-mail or dropbox. Catch up if you are behind.

What is due next week:

  • A draft of the production book
  • A 5 minute presentation of your author shot.