Week 12 – Final Multimedia Assignment

For your final assignment, you will be working on a multimedia assignment which consists of video, audio & stills. The concept around the project is “character”. You are to choose a subject (person, place or group), which explores some aspect of the idea of character. You are looking for a subject matter that will provide you strong visuals. You want to produce a piece that is interesting visually as per the examples that I showed you in class. The multimedia piece should be can be 2 – 4 minutes long and will be uploaded to Vimeo by December 7th at 6pm.

By this time, you should have completed work on your personal project and should be prepared to print a hard copy of your final project in the form of book, zine or other printed format. A PDF copy should be prepared to be sent to me by the last class session.

Due Monday:

Presentation of concept for final project.



Week 11 – The Art of Editing & Sequencing

Hopefully, the exercise that we did today for editing and sequencing will be helpful to you. I want you to to apply the approach to your personal project so that you can begin editing and producing your final project, which for most of you will be a printed manifestation of your work (a book, zine, etc). Remember, you will be producing a hard copy for yourself and a PDF version for me. So, at this point, you should be wrapping up producing images for your personal projects and begin the processing of editing and designing your final product. If you are behind in producing images, this is the week to ramp it up. The more images you have to work with the better the editing process will be.

As we discussed with the team project, it’s important to have a clear vision of your work that can be communicated with your team as well as the talent and the outside crew. This will inform your collaboration with them as well as better prepare you for the day of the shoot. You want to avoid as many surprises as possible.

Due by Monday

  • Images are to be uploaded to the instructor (Due 6pm on November 23rd).
  • Bound and signed production book




Week 10 – Cosmetic Commercial Assignment

For this assignment, we continue to explore the world of commercial/advertising photography. For this, we take it up a level as we will have you come up with a concept for the shoot as well as an estimate based on the criteria listed below.

The client is a cosmetics manufacturer who is coming out with a line of products (lipstick, base, mascara, etc) that is targeting the real woman. This means that they are targeting a market that is sort of the antithesis of the “Revlon” tradition of heavily manipulated images of women, which verges on the surreal. This new line of product is for women who strive for beauty but a beauty with a more natural and “real” aesthetic.

The products are produced with the theme of the 4 elements (fire, water, air and earth). They went a series of 4 glamour photographs that tap into each of those 4 elements. The have come up with a rough concept that consists of 4 head/shoulder portraits. More than just a photograph of a pretty girl, they want a photographer who can take the idea of of natural elements and come up with a series of images that really make a great leap of the imagination. The want images that remind women of their natural beauty and how the product can bring this out. They are also looking for images that tie into the idea of those basic elements and reminds customers what differentiates their products from those of their major label competitors.

They are not a major player in the cosmetic industry but that are a growing company that is targeting a youthful niche. Their budgets are not as huge as compared to the major manufacturers, but they nevertheless hope to be competitive in the particular market that they are pursuing. So, they are looking for photographers that are not only affordable, but that can provide them a big bang for their buck. They want the best photographer that they can afford. So, take this into consideration when coming up with your numbers.

Your estimate should reflect the creation of four images (though you will only be producing one image for the class presentation). However, we need to see a a concept for the entire series of images. So as part of your assignment, please take the time to produce a presentation that showcases not just the individual photographer, but all four.

Remember to this presentation as a pitch in which you are trying to sell the client on the your team’s ability to deliver an exceptional project.

The four images would be used for a national advertising composing that is intended to run for a minimum of year. The ads will run over several publications with average prints run of 200,000. In total, the print runs will likely range between 3 – 5 million.   The client is asking for a complete buyout for the image, but as always, you want to build elements into your estimate that would allow you room for negotiation.

You are competing with other photographers for this bid and so you will likely be competing on price to some degree.

This assignment is due in two week with image uploaded to the client by Sunday, November 23 at 6pm.

Final Note: For this assignment I want you to work with a make-up and a stylist to help take the work to a another level and to get the insight and experience of someone outside of your group. Please be prepared to share information on these people as part of your presentation for this week. 

Due Next Week

  • Presentation for commercial gig with detailed estimate. (To prepare for your presentation have clear numbers for the cost of production (equipment, crew, studio, etc), licensing, and photographer/creative fee. What is the profit margin for the job based on your initial estimate? What is your point of negotiation based on price? Licensing terms? Be prepared to offer a counter to what I will propose to you during your presentation.
  • 20 – 30 4×6 prints from your personal project or existing body of work (4×6 individual prints only).


Week 9 – Commercial Estimates

I hope that the discussion of the commercial estimates and invoices today was helpful to you. Please use the information and demonstration that I provided to revise your estimate and invoices for this assignment as I will be weighting this more heavily in evaluating the production book. I am particularly interested in the comprise offer you would make in the estimate to their request for a buyout. As part of your evaluation, please explain how you and your team determined the terms of the license agreement whether you agree to provide a buyout or not. 

If you haven’t been keeping up on your personal project, it’s now crunch time. Be prepared to share your work on Monday and to discuss your progress.

I am sending out an e-mail with the discount code for BlinkBid and FotoQuote for those who are interested.

Due on Monday

Images from commercial assignment (Deadline Sunday – 7pm).

  • Production Book
  • Group presentation
  • Personal Project Presentation
  • Your base rate (based on your filling out the ASMP calculator).