Week 11 – The Art of Editing & Sequencing

Hopefully, the exercise that we did today for editing and sequencing will be helpful to you. I want you to to apply the approach to your personal project so that you can begin editing and producing your final project, which for most of you will be a printed manifestation of your work (a book, zine, etc). Remember, you will be producing a hard copy for yourself and a PDF version for me. So, at this point, you should be wrapping up producing images for your personal projects and begin the processing of editing and designing your final product. If you are behind in producing images, this is the week to ramp it up. The more images you have to work with the better the editing process will be.

As we discussed with the team project, it’s important to have a clear vision of your work that can be communicated with your team as well as the talent and the outside crew. This will inform your collaboration with them as well as better prepare you for the day of the shoot. You want to avoid as many surprises as possible.

Due by Monday

  • Images are to be uploaded to the instructor (Due 6pm on November 23rd).
  • Bound and signed production book





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