Week 12 – Final Multimedia Assignment

For your final assignment, you will be working on a multimedia assignment which consists of video, audio & stills. The concept around the project is “character”. You are to choose a subject (person, place or group), which explores some aspect of the idea of character. You are looking for a subject matter that will provide you strong visuals. You want to produce a piece that is interesting visually as per the examples that I showed you in class. The multimedia piece should be can be 2 – 4 minutes long and will be uploaded to Vimeo by December 7th at 6pm.

By this time, you should have completed work on your personal project and should be prepared to print a hard copy of your final project in the form of book, zine or other printed format. A PDF copy should be prepared to be sent to me by the last class session.

Due Monday:

Presentation of concept for final project.



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