Week #5 – Identifying Challenges/Finding Solutions

During this week, we’ll be conducting the shoots with your subjects. You will be bringing in a selection of images from the shoot. As well as the favorite images, I’d like to see others which can give us a sense of the feel of the shoot and what you were able to draw out of your subject. You’ll be revising the production book, based on the critiques from Assignment 1. You need only bring a single bound copy of the production book to class.

You will not be doing your presentations during the next class session, but will do so on the following week. Take the time to practice this as you will have less time for this than previously.

Continue to work on your personal project and upload them for me by the deadline.


Here are some personal projects to take a look at for inspiration.

Due Next Week

  • A selection of images in your shoot. No more than 15. Upload 72 dpi jpegs at a resolution of than 150o dpi on the long end . Upload them using a Dropbox folder no later than Feb 15th at 9 p.m.
  • A completed bound production book signed by the DRM
  • The group self assessment with the teams list of best practices culled from the self-evaluation.
  • The three volunteers will bring their printed portfolio + a USB disk of other images that are not in their book.

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