Week 11 – Final Group Assignment

For your final assignment, you will be working on a multimedia assignment which consists of video, audio & stills. The concept around the project is “character”. You are to choose a subject (person, place or group), which explores some aspect of the idea of character. You are looking for a subject matter that will provide you strong visuals. You want to produce a piece that is interesting visually as per the examples that I showed you in class. The multimedia piece should be can be 2 – 4 minutes long. You have complete autonomy on how you want to produce this video. It can be all video, a combination of stills and video. You can include an on-camera interview or voice-over. Look at the videos below for some inspiration.

You should be making continued progress on your personal project. I am looking for these to be delivered in the form of a PDF on Week 13. So, if you have fallen behind in the production of the work, please get on it. I have not receives images from everyone in class to date. Please do so ASAP if you have work to share with me.

Due Monday:

Presentation of concept for final project.



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