Week #7 – Editorial Research

Assignment #7:

Submit your completed multimedia project on DVD disk either as a high-resolution Quicktime file with/without the use of the iDVD application to create a launch window. Please bring a backup on your laptop or external drive to ensure that we get smooth playback when we view the project on the screen.


Editorial Research Resources:

Editing Resources


Week #6 – Multimedia Editing

Assignment #6

Part I. Bring in your existing portfolio and branding material, some of which you likely developed during your portfolio development class. Include the following:

  1. Portfolio
  2. Business Card
  3. Letterhead
  4. Artist Statement

Part II.

  1. Bring in a magazine in which you are interested in approaching with your work. Choose a publication that you would be ready and willing to contact within the coming weeks. Examine existing spread and be ready to discuss how your content could serve this publication.
  2. A copy of a contest entry form in which you are interested in submitting for consideration of your work.


Final Cut Express Tutorial from Apple.

iMovie ’09 Tutorial from Apple.

Alas Media Wiki (tips and tricks for producing video and multimedia pieces).

Alas Media Flickschool (video tutorials from Alas Media)

Week #5 – Multimedia Production

Assignment #5

1. Conduct and record your interview for your multimedia piece. Using the information I shared in class, please attempt to record the best audio possible. Choose a room or space with minimal ambient noise and if possible using an external mic such as a wired lavaliere or boom mic. If you are using the camera’s built in-mic, keep the camera in close proximity to the subject. Bring a DVD of the unedited record video to class on DVD.

2. Write and submit the 3 key points, ideas or topics that you will use to design the structure of your piece. Provide a brief paragraph of the style and approach you intend to use for producing this piece. If you are shooting on location with a subject, please include information on the choice of location, subject matter and the goals of that location shoot. Bring in the 3 points and synopsis on a single printed sheet with your name and subject’s name.

3. Provide a web link to a multi-media piece that you’ve found online that may be source of inspiration for what you would like to achieve in your own piece.

Bring in class


Canon 5D Mark II Shooting Basics (This precedes the firmware updates, but provides some good information).

Canon 5D Mark II Firmware Update (Info on how to do this and what changes are available).

Planet 5D Blog (One of the best resources for everything related to record video with the 5D Mark II


Vincent Laforet’s Reverie

Nadia Silwka

Vincent Long

Mark Seliger’s The Dancer

Week 4 – Preparing for Multimedia

Assignment 4:

Pick a partner with whom you will collaborate in the creation of the multimedia piece. Your partner will be the subject of your piece, while he/she will use you as their subject for the 2-minute “bio” multimedia presentation. Meet with each other before the next class session to get some ideas for how you want to profile this person and their photographic work.

Begin to refine your concept around an “idea” or “story” about who this person is a person and an artist to help bring focus to the piece.