Week #3

Because if the issue in yesterday’s class, you can just bring in the audio files for your interview unless you have already made an attempt to edit the multimedia piece with the stills. If you haven’t already take the time to go through the tutorials on iMovie and Final Cut using Lynda.com. Take advantage of this additional time to get familiar with the interface and the fundamentals and we’ll spend time in the next session with a primer on editing tips and tricks.

Assignment #1

1, Submit another entry this week on your blog beginning to speak of your early work on your personal project. Remember, to post an update on the Facebook class page.

2. Bring into two 8×10 prints of  images you’ve produced thus far on your personal project. Please include this in a manila envelope with your name on the upper right hand corner.

3. Submit a copy of your interview with the two photographers as mentioned in the last class session (please see below for more details).


Week #2 – Fear and the Creative Life

Assignment 2
Part 1. Photographer Interviews  (Due in 2 weeks)

Interview two people who identify as working photographers. They can not be current students. Choose 1 photographer who you believe is “succeeding” and another one that you identify as “struggling”. You don’t need to tell your subject, which they are. Talk to them about the status of their careers and what they are doing or not doing to influence that. Ask questions about networking, promotions, advertising, etc. Focus on how they contend with fear, self-doubt, and insecurity in completing the footwork towards building and sustaining their careers.

Write a 500 word evaluation on each subject with your assessment as to why each is succeeding or struggling. Try to identify what choices each is making which you believe has made the greater impact either good or ill to their careers. Be prepared to do a presentation on each subject for class. You can bring samples of their work or refer to their website during this presentation.

Part 2. Audio Interview (Due in 2 weeks)

Select a partner in the class with who you will partner. This person will be your subject for your first two multimedia project. Conduct an audio interview with them focusing on their photography. Record the audio using a digital audio recorder. Collect a selection of still images that represents their work. Take the audio and still and using Final Cut or iMovie cut together a one-minute piece. This will provide you the opportunity for you to cut your teeth on editing and producing good audio.

Take advantage of the Lynda.com tutorial on editing before class next week to best prepare you for the training that Rosa will provide you next week.

Part 3. Blog entry

Post a blog entry discussing your personal project, explaining your goals and how this project will challenge you personally and creatively. Remember to put on entry on the class’ Facebook page to get full credit for the entry.


Photographers Discussed in Glass

Articles on the Role of Personal Projects

Zoom H4N Tutorials
  • General Info
  • Video Tutorial (If you are using the H4N watch this video at the very least to ensure that you are recording and are not in stand-by mode.

Week #1 – Introductions

Welcome to the Fall 2011 session of Working Photographer II. I look forward to our collaboration during the coming weeks. This blog is one of several resources available to you. Please regularly refer to the site for updates on course assignments and the numerous resources I will make available to you. Don’t hesitate to drop me a line if you need any further clarification or have any question.

I will regularly provide you with links to articles or columns that will expand on things I’ve discussed in class. If you take the time to read them, they will provide you some valuable information that will allow you to improve your work with your web presence and social networking. Please take the time to read these. It will make the difference.

Assignment #1

Part 1.

  • Create a blog using Blogger, WordPress or Tumbler.
  • Create a Google Analytics Account and embed the the HTML code to your blog and website (if applicable). See below for details.
  • Make at at least two entries on the blog before the next class session. Make one entry about why you are a photographer and why you are so passionate about it.
  • Post an entry on the Working Photographer Facebook page.
Part 2.
  • Bring in  2 ideas for personal project which can be based on something you are doing currently or an idea that you have a desire to work on for the duration of the term. It needs to be a project in which you are capable of delivering work each week.
  • Bring in sample images to illustrate the idea or concept you are pursuing.

Here are some resources that should help with respect to social networking as a marketing tool.

Google Analytics How Tos

Other Blogs Worth Check out Regularly

Wired Magazine